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Bias Ply Tyre Repair Patches Exporters

Bias Ply Tyre Repair Patches Exporters

Product Details

  • Lotus Gold Line Bias Ply Repairs can be used for the reinforcement and section repair of both tubeless and tube-type tires. They are equipped with the cord fabric which is designed to match the cross ply tire construction.

  • Lotus Gold Line Bias Ply Repairs are manufactured with a ply of rubber between the cord fabric and cushion gum which acts as a shock absorber. Thus they offer high strength and greater flexibility while ensuring safety on the roads.

  • Lotus Gold Line Bias Ply Repair Units can be used to repair sidewall, crown and shoulder injuries in Passenger car, truck, tractor and earthmover bias ply tires. GOLD LINE Bias Ply Tire Repair Chart and Size Chart can be used to determine the proper repair size of injury.

  • Lotus Gold Line Repair Units (Product Code 803 onwards) are supported with the hard cardboard so that the border of cushion gum do not get wringed in the transportation of the goods.

  • Market Area

    Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, India, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, USA or United States of America, Taiwan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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